5 Tips to Prepare Your Child Amputee for the First Day of School

Posted on: August 5th, 2016 by JPO Blogger


Across the United States, families are gearing up for a new schoolyear. Kids are excited to enter a new grade, see old friends and help mom and dad pick out school supplies. But in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, child amputees find themselves with a unique set of preparations. In order to make your child’s transition back to school as smooth as possible, Jonesboro Prosthetic & Orthotic Labs would like to offer you these 5 tips for child amputees:

  • Each school year means a new teacher for your little one—and they may not know what to expect. Educate the teacher and staff on your child’s prosthesis, and make sure they’re comfortable enough to answer questions other children may have.


  • Your child should be safe when using the playground, bathroom and classroom. Talk with school administrators ahead of time to make sure your child will be comfortable and their health and safety needs will be met. Make sure any special equipment they need is available from the start.


  • It’s natural for a child amputee to be anxious about how the other children will react. He or she might avoid socializing with others. Give your child talking points about their prosthesis, so they can educate their peers about it and feel more confident in their interactions.


  • Your child might feel like they stand out—in a bad way. Make sure your child understands that everyone is different—some people have glasses, some have freckles, some have curly hair. It’s these differences that make people special. Even if your child performs daily tasks differently, make sure they understand that this does not make them less valuable.


  • Establish expectations when it comes to bullying or harassment. Let your child know that it is never okay. If they are bullied, make sure they know to report it to the authorities right away—and avoid getting into a schoolyard fight.

We want your child to have a safe, fun and productive school year. Jonesboro Prosthetic & Orthotic Labs works with pediatric amputees, and can answer any question or concerns you may have about the upcoming academic year. Contact us today, or visit our website to see examples of our past work.

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