A “Who’s Who” Before Amputation

Posted on: October 15th, 2015 by JPO Blogger

amputation team

Amputation is a team effort. While you prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for a life-changing surgery, dozens of people work to ensure a smooth transition. Jonesboro Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory encourages you to get to know your teammates before jumping in so that recovery isn’t all on your shoulders.

Surgical team – You’ll have dozens of questions, and your surgeon should be ready and willing to answer all. Make sure they recommend amputation as an absolute need, and ask if alternative care is possible to preserve the limb. A solid surgeon will clearly explain the process, identify exactly where operation will occur with details about the surgery itself, and provide a timeframe for recovery and rehabilitation. Obtain a second opinion for extra security in your decision.

Physical or Occupational Therapist – Meet the members of your team who’ll help you reclaim motion and independence. Physical therapists work with you post-op to gain control and build strength in your residual limb, and occupational therapists help ease you into the use of a prosthetic to regain independence in daily tasks.

Insurance company – Your recovery should be spent focusing on rest, not fighting with insurance companies. Before operation, understand and finalize your policy’s coverage and co-pay agreement, and adjust your financial situation accordingly. This goes not just for surgery, but for the rehabilitation and prosthetics to follow.

Prosthetist – Prior to surgery, your prosthetist will take body measurements to begin constructing the aid that works best with your body. Provide details of typical daily activities and goals so they can provide options that fit with your personal recovery and lifestyle. Check out JP&O’s prosthetists, who have the education, training, and experience to ensure you receive the most effective care possible.

Psychological counselor – Amputation is a major life change. Talk with a professional who can begin preparing you for the transition, and make plans to follow-up post-surgery to smooth the transition into your new lifestyle.

Friends and Family – You’re not alone in this process. An amputation affects family and friends, too. Open discussion and education about your new life change helps familiarize loved ones with the process and enables them to offer support as you adjust to a new lifestyle.

Don’t forget – JP&O is on your side, too. Our expert staff is ready to walk with you through each step of the process.  Contact us at any of our locations to receive help where and how you need it.



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