Bracing Options for Children with Scoliosis

Posted on: April 27th, 2015 by JPO Blogger


Scoliosis is a curve in the normally straight vertical line of the spine. People of all ages can be affected by scoliosis, including children. Some children with scoliosis require treatment, while others may only be observed for a time by a doctor. One option for the treatment of scoliosis is orthotic bracing.

If your child’s spinal curve is severe or likely to get worse, bracing is the best non-surgical treatment option to keep the curve from getting worse. It is important to remember that while a brace can help stop the curve from progressing, it won’t be able to fix a problem. Bracing is usually used to treat children with curves greater than 20 degrees and at least two years of growth remaining.

Before recommending any kind of bracing, your child’s doctor will consider:

  • How much your child will grow
  • Where the curve is
  • How severe the curve is and how it is affecting your child
  • How likely it is that the curve will get worse

Wearing a brace is a big adjustment, especially for a child. It is important to support your child and work with them as a team. Here are some tips for wearing the brace:

  • Listen to your doctor. Your child’s doctor will decide what type of brace will be best for your child and how long it must be worn each day. It is crucial that you follow the doctor’s orders to ensure that your child’s treatment is as effective as possible.
  • Wear it right. It is likely that your child will be in and out of their brace throughout the day for activities like gym class and swimming. It is important that each time they put it back on, it is tightened and positioned properly.
  • There is a dress code. Your child should wear a shirt that fits well and doesn’t wrinkle under their brace. This protects their skin from irritation. Your child can wear normal clothes over the brace but you may want to buy them a size or two bigger to fit over the whole brace.

Wearing a brace can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable for a child. It will probably set them apart from other kids and may keep them from participating in certain activities. As a family, show them support and help them to understand that wearing a brace now will help them be healthier for the rest of their life!

JP&O works with children and adults of all ages to help them find comfort and treatment for their scoliosis. If your child has scoliosis and needs an orthotic brace, contact JP&O. We work with children of all ages to help them find confidence and comfort.


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