Conquering Your Amputation Recovery Process

Posted on: September 9th, 2015 by JPO Blogger
Take control of your recovery process by discovering what is most helpful for you.

Take control of your recovery process by discovering what is most helpful for you.

In our previous blog, Jonesboro Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory explored the importance of understanding and preparing for the amputee recovery process. While it is important for you to understand what to expect while recovering from an amputation, it is equally important to know what you can do to improve your outcome as a new amputee.

Find ways to cope, grow and strengthen your mind and body as a new amputee by applying the following activities to your recovery process:


Get active with yoga.

Yoga can offer amputees a triage of benefits: physical freedom, a relaxed psyche and a refreshed spirit. Not only does yoga offer physical benefits such as flexibility and strength, but it can help you to physically control your breathing and to relax your mind. Once your mind is relaxed, yoga can quiet your thoughts and reduce your stress. Lastly, a stronger mind and body can lead to a lifted spirit and can renew the sense of optimism that you are looking for.


Cope with social anxiety.

Find support, feedback and insight from an amputee support group. Talking about your struggles and successes can leave you feeling relieved and empowered to take on life as a new amputee.


Tame negativity.

You are more than just your leg or your arm. Consider using self-management programs to increase self-confidence and reinforce positivity. Tasks such as journaling can help you identify the source of your negativity so that you can address it properly. Journaling, in general, is another activity that can help you de-stress by getting all of your thoughts out, both positive and negative.


Surround yourself with positive people.

Most importantly, search for a physical therapist and prosthetist that support your needs and goals. Having a healthcare team that is all on the same page is one of the most important things you can do when working towards recovery.


JP&O is proud to offer you the best prosthetic care so that you can improve your outcome as a prosthetic user. Contact JP&O today to get started with your recovery process.

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