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Posted on: February 23rd, 2015 by JPO Blogger
Most sports, both team and individual, can be played using prosthetic devices and wheelchairs.

Most sports, both team and individual, can be played using prosthetic devices and wheelchairs.

Staying physically active is the best way to stay physically and mentally fit after a limb loss. Most sports have some kind of adaptation that allows players of all capabilities to participate. For today’s blog post, JP&O chose to focus on some of the most popular competitive sports among individuals with prosthetic devices or wheelchairs.


Volleyball can either be played sitting or standing. In sitting volleyball, players must keep at least one buttock in contact with the floor whenever they make contact with the volleyball. In a standing volleyball match, athletes have a choice to play with or without their prostheses. Athletes with amputations, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, and strokes are eligible to compete.


Tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world. It can be integrated easily because the same court, rackets and ball are used.  It is a popular sport for many amputees because upper and lower limb amputees, as well as individuals using walkers and wheelchairs, can participate. The game rules are the same as able-bodied tennis, with the only exception being that a wheelchair player can allow the ball to bounce twice.


Basketball is the most popular sport for individuals with limited mobility. Most of the major rules remain the same with a few exceptions. The player’s wheelchair is considered part of the player and general rules of contact and fouls apply. There are also rules about dribbling and how many pushes a player may use without being called for a traveling violation.


The rules for swimming are adapted to accommodate those with limited mobility. The starting positions vary and there are adaptations allowed for visually impaired swimmers. Swimmers may start the race standing on a platform and diving in, sitting on the platform, or starting in the water.

Sports are a great way to stay active and socialize with new people. They have also been found to increase confidence in those who participate. At JP&O, we can help you find the best device to help your performance and keep you in the game!

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