Preventing Sores with your Prosthetic

Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by JPO Blogger
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Even the best prosthetic can cause sores and irritation to the surrounding skin

A well-fitted prosthetic can make all the difference in whether an amputee gets sores around their prosthesis, but even the best fitting technology can wear on the skin and cause discomfort for people using prosthetic limbs. JP&O is dedicated to giving you the highest quality prosthetic and wants to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

If you have discomfort or sores at the end of a long day in your prosthetic, try a few of these tips for preventing pain and skin irritation.

  • The size of our body parts throughout the day change due to different activity levels, food intake and even weather. To deal with the pain, try adding or removing socks or liners until the fit feels better.
  • Work to maintain your body weight. Even a five pound change in weight can affect how your prosthetic fits, so aim to stay at the same weight you were when you were fitted.
  • Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water helps to control your body weight and keep the skin in your prosthetic healthy and hydrated.
  • If you have diabetes, monitor and control your blood sugar as recommended by your doctor to help keep the blood flowing to the skin around the prosthetic.
  • Avoid changing the way you carry yourself. While adjusting to a prosthetic will completely change the way you walk and hold your body upright, try to establish a way of walking or standing that is comfortable and stick with it. Avoid activities that force you to stand or walk in awkward positions that make your prosthetic uncomfortable.
  • Wash the skin that comes in contact with the prosthetic and the socket of the prosthetic every day with soap. If you are prone to sweating, try antiperspirant spray on your skin that contains no scents or additives. If you are looking for a lubricant, try baby oil instead of lotion.

JP&O wants you to thrive in your prosthesis. We work hard to create products to meet our customer’s needs and keep them happy and healthy. Check out our website to learn about how we are meeting our customer’s needs with quality and specialized orthotics and prosthetics.

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