The First Day of School: 5 Tips for Children with Prosthetic Limbs

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by JPO Blogger

Go back to school with ease in 2014 with these tips!

Kids all over the nation are preparing to go back to school. They are excited to enter a new grade and reunite with old friends. Families go school supply shopping and calendars fill up with extra-curricular activities. While this is an exciting time for everyone, a child with a prosthetic limb may encounter unique obstacles along the way. Children use prosthetics for many different reasons, from illness and injury to a limb missing from birth. JP&O provides lower limb prostheses to meet each patient’s functional goals.

To help ease the transition from summer to school, JP&O would like to provide 5 helpful tips to take before the first day.

  1. With a new teacher in a new classroom, it may be helpful to inform and educate the teacher of the child’s prosthetic limb. Ensure the teacher and staff is comfortable with the prosthetic limb and can help educate other students if and when questions arise.
  2. The classroom, bathroom, and playground should all be safe areas for a child with a prosthetic limb. Take necessary measures to ensure they will be comfortable and their health and safety needs are met. If special equipment is needed, make sure it is available before the first day.
  3. A child with a prosthetic limb may feel nervous about socializing with other students when they are aware of the differences between them. By empowering a child with knowledge about their prosthetic limb, how it is used and why it is needed, they will better be able to educate others.
  4. Explain to the child that everyone is unique in their own way. Some kids have freckles, others wear glasses, and these differences are what make people special. While they may go about daily tasks differently, it is important for a child to understand they are perfect and valuable just the way they are.
  5. If teasing or harassment ever occurs, explain to the child that this is not acceptable and report the situation to authorities.

JP&O wishes you a safe and successful school year. We encourage you to visit our website and learn more about orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics. JP&O practitioners are happy to custom create and fit prostheses to meet every patient’s needs. Make this year one to remember!




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