Top 10 Ways to Destress Before Summer

Posted on: April 7th, 2016 by JPO Blogger

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Summer is packed with the finer things in life: warm evening walks, grilling and gardening, sprawling out in the sun. Residual stress from the winter and anxieties about the present, however, can block your appreciation of the happiest season. Send your springtime stressors packing with these helpful tips for easing anxiety:

  1. Get crafty. Whether you pick up an instrument, wood working, pottery, or embroidery, your new outlet can help you focus your thoughts as you push yourself with creative problem solving.
  2. Plan a No-Plan day. If your schedule is typically packed to the brim, you’re probably stressed by unending obligations. Schedule a day where you schedule nothing – no chores, no coffee dates, no nothing. Wake up when you want and let the day unfold as it will.
  3. Engage all five senses. You tackle hundreds of mini to-dos every day but are fully present for only a few. When you reach an enjoyable task on your list – swimming laps, baking a new recipe – block out everything else and focus on how it tastes, smells, sounds, and feels. Total immersion can help you feel more grounded.
  4. Stretch before bed. Not only do you get the benefit of post-stretch tingles, but moves like these will improve your circulation and release tension for a solid night of sleep. A well-rested body and mind are less prone to stress and anxiety.
  5. Break something. You don’t need to go 100% “Office Space,” but popping bubble wrap, breaking down cardboard boxes, and tearing up old bank statements can provide a safe yet satisfying physical release of tension.
  6. Visualize. Imagine how you’ll unwind the night after your huge project at work is due. Picture a lazy, sunny afternoon kicking back in a canoe. Redirecting your thoughts to better times, past or future, can help you unwind in the moment.
  7. Take a positivity challenge. Maybe pessimism is getting you down. Try a new tactic every day to spot the silver lining a little more clearly, like this 21-day challenge.
  8. Start laughing. Find a Netflix series or Youtube channel with videos that consistently make you crack a smile. Make it part of your routine to watch one or two a night so you can look forward to unwinding after work or before bed.
  9. De-clutter. A closet, a room, a box of knickknacks. Identify an area in your home that just feels heavy and purge it.
  10. Make a playlist of sunshine. Using any online web player, make a playlist of upbeat, fast-paced songs that put bounce in your step. When you need a pick me up, play a few and unabashedly sing along.

At Jonesboro Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory, we don’t want a physical changes to be the leading cause of your stress. Sit down with our team to help unblock your path to a more peaceful summer!


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